Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Now that's how to travel!

By the time I left Australia I was extremely ill.  My blood counts were low and I'd lost nearly 10kgs, at nearly 5ft 11 being 58kgs was not good, I looked like Crazy Legs Crane from the Pink Panther Show.  I was so thin I was just all legs!

Anyway, because I was so ill the only way I could fly home to the UK was to fly Business Class.  It cost me $4000 for a one way ticket and it cost my Mum a fortune to upgrade her ticket too, but to be honest it had to be done I was not going to get to the UK otherwise.

To be honest even though I was really ill Mum and I were really looking forward to flying Business Class, neither of us had travelled that way before.  I turned to Mum in the Qantas Lounge and said ' we can't show ourselves up when we get on the aeroplane, we've just got to act like we fly like this all the time, so no screaming and no ooo look at this etc'.  So we agreed to play it cool.

We boarded the plane, the first thing I did was shout 'oooo look at the bed' and took a photo of myself lying in the bed with my phone!!  So much for playing it cool!  I also phoned J excitedly to tell him what it was like, it was a good distraction for us otherwise I probably would have been crying my eyes out leaving Australia. 

The other good thing about flying Business Class was the food. I was on steroids and had a huge appetite, I basically didn't stop eating for the 24 hour journey.  I practically ate everything on the menu.  Eating helped to pass the time as another side effect of steroids was insomnia, so I was awake for the whole 24hour journey!!!

My brother met us at Heathrow and he drove us home to Swansea.  On the 4 hour drive back to Swansea, I had to ask and explain to my brother that he might have to be a bone marrow donor for me.  Not typical driving conversation but best to prep him!

We arrived in Swansea on the Sunday afternoon and lots of my family came to the house, we drank tea, ate cake and everyone was really supportive.  All I knew was I had to phone the hospital in Cardiff the next day and take it from there.